1. Athletic quality

In 2019 we had an amazing strong final with Pablo Andujar winning over Benoit Paire (exactly these two then played two weeks later in the final of the ATP 250 in Marrakech).

2. Media presence

Already in the second year the Marbella Tennis Open had more than 10 hours TV live coverage in Eurosport Spain and La Liga Sports TV, as well as all matches in worldwide Livestream.

3. Sustainable environmental protection

From 2020, our goal is to be environmentally friendly in as many areas as possible and to lead our audience specifically to this idea. Each of our sponsors is required in his area to contribute.
Please help us! We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefor we ask you to book your tickets online. You will receive the barcode on your mobile, will have a quick access to the tournament, avoiding having to print the tickets on paper.